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Thread: I Love My Son

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    I Love My Son

    I have been listenin to Tech for YEARS. So as my girl was prego, of course the majority of the music we listened to was Tech. Well, I'm a believer of the saying that kids will come out liking what they were used to hearing as they were developing in the womb because just like any kid, he loves music, as long as it has a beat, he'll listen and kinda dance...but as soon as Tech starts playin(don't matter the song, he will stop what ever he is doin, find the source(i.e. radio, comp, tv...etc.)stare at it and start jammin like crazy...arms bouncin up n down, butt wigglin and head bangin...he's 16 months now but he's been like that since he first learned how to "dance" when music came on...hell, even before he could "dance", turnin on Tech would be the ONLY way I could get him to stop cryin....

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    awww thats fuckin adorable!

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    I want a son like yours !

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    Ya...its crazy how he can already distinguish Tech even just by the I said, he'll dance to anything, but Tech is his fav....He's my lil Techn9tion

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    Lol, badass

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    Other ppls kids>>>
    glad I don't have any

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