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Thread: Bonus Tracks In CD Quality?

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    Bonus Tracks In CD Quality?

    Hey fellow Techn9cians and Strange Music fam!

    I've been a longtime Tech fan for years and have every Strange Music release on CD including samplers and singles but I am missing almost all of the preorder tracks. There is no way I can buy them anywhere (except with All 6's and 7's and Welcome to Strangeland Deluxe Editions which I did buy) so I'm wondering if anyone who was smart enough to pre-order these albums has the tracks in high-quality versions?

    I'd be very appreciative if anyone can attach them here or email me at


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    *cough* google *cough*

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    Sounds like you need a ricola

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    See that's the thing, I know there are some lower quality versions of the tracks on google however that is why I'm asking for the CD quality tracks here.

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    The ones I really need in higher quality are Killer, F.U.N., Like I Died (Original), Yeah Bitch, She Thinks I'm A Psycho,Same O.G. Can someone help me out with these ones?

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    Hey bro, what you might look into doing is downloading a torrent that reads bonus tracks in the track listing. Sometimes those come straight off the Album. For example if you purchased A6A7, and it didn't come with the bonus tracks you could go to a torrent engine and download A6A7 deluxe edition and you might get Bonus tracks straight off the Disc. Then you could delete the rest of the Album and just keep the bonus tracks... Worth a try can't promise it will work but hey its an idea...

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    Already been done. Tried every torrent I could find for all the songs listed as well as others. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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