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Thread: lil wayne?

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    lil wayne?

    seems to me that tech is in fact selling out.. he wants to do something with lil wayne so it attracts the main stream. i mean lets face it people of course in all our goals we start and stick to our ideas..but as hes goten bigger he is going to loose site of those. Thats why mixed plate had such a main stream feel to it. what is main stream?? well its softermusic that can be played over t.v and radio wthout to much worry of offending to many people. owell if thats the way he chooses to go it is his choice. At least he made k.o.d killer misery loves kompany absolute power and others and countless tracks that represent what he is and where he came from.

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    and hes recent tweet!! come on lil wayne is not real. hes jus saying that to make relationns. the single fact alone that lil wayne shot himself and then raps about it how hes all hard automaticly puts him n the poser category of real gangsters.

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    i posted this exact thing a while ago... so i agree.
    tech is shitting in the face of his long time fans.
    but its not like its gonna matter to him about losing his real fans hes got a bunch of new ones coming in now. its all about that cash dollars.

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    Dude shut the fuck up..if u think tech is selling out then cool..cry about it and leave this site..

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    Techs going to do what he wants, we don't have to like it. We aren't forced to buy whatever he decides to do with lil Wayne! Personally not a lil Wayne fan, I'm not gonna buy shit just cause tech is doing it! But if tech feels this is the direction he wants, who are we to say no to it! Just don't buy it!

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    please.... go kill yourself

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    TECH do your motherfucking thing bro get this money and whats deserved to you congrats!

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    this and ok hes gonna do a track with wanye its one moment u really think tech will bow down and say oh wayne please put me in young money and let me nut hug? no itll be a track and he'll stay on his shit y dont we hear about the lil wyte collab that will be dope this wayne shit is been beat to death

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer
    please.... go kill yourself

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    wow you really have no life do you. This is getting annoying.

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