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Thread: Tech and Fif

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    Tech and Fif

    You know, maybe im just retarded, but id kinda like to see tech and Fif do a collab, expecially with fifs new shit, its fuckin long as fifty came hard and real wit it and tech brought it like he always does i think it would be a great collab, expecially with 50 starting to rap a lil faster and goin back to his roots a lil more...idk maybe its just me...what do yall thing?

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    It's just you.

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    well im ok with it since tech is gettin on a song with wayne why not 50

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    fuck you power of a dolla and get rich or die tryin are fire cds BEGINING 2 END bottom line in actuallity everything b4 tha massacre is ill..

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    cause fifty is a bigger bitch then wayne is.....wayne had talent........50 never did

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    i only like one of 50s songs, "I'll Still Kill ft. Akon" that song goes hard especially the hook man. but other than that.. i dont care for 50 too much. wouldnt mind if tech collabed with him tho.

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    Shit when i first saw that video of fifty when he is in a clown mask i thought it was tech. But that shit go federal my nigga. Fifty will always be a legend. And steven crow you the bitch cause fiddy a gangsta

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    idgaf about 50. i'm not fond of him, but if he collabs with Tech i'll check it out

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    Wayne had talent? Tha Carter 1 was legit, but wasn't his... 50 had Get Rich Or Die Tryin' and that was raw, but then he fell off hard. Like his knew shit?!? Please tell me you don't mean Before I Self Destruct, cuz that was a pathetic album.

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    If 50 came like he did on Get Rich or Die Tryin, then it'd be a dope track. If he goes like he did on Massacre, then it'd be lame. Curtis was an alright album, so if came with that then it'd be good...only cause Tech would pick up the lag. Never listened to Before I Self Destruct, so IDK about that.

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    I love how 50 dissed Ja Rule cuz he did Pop, R&B, Rap. And that's exactly what 50 started doing after his first album. Fake ass Wanksta.

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