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Thread: Stupid question...

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    Senior Member RoyRazor's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

    Stupid question...

    Ok I know a lot of people will read that and say "Stupidest thread ever" or whatever, but I was wondering if anybody knew why Tech is always wearing sunglasses in interviews or in radio shows.

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    Senior Member J9X's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    His future is so bright, He has to wear shades.

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    Senior Member SIN1STER's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    He's the motherfucking King of Darkness!!!

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    Senior Member sean diego's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    he's hungover

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    Senior Member Colin P.'s Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    sometimes he shoots lasers out of his eyes uncontrollably, like Cyclops.

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    dude... theyre d&g sunglasses, you gotta sport those bitches ALL DAY BABAY!! haha

    nah but really he wears them for a couple reasons, one is becuase when hes on tour he never gets enough sleep so his eyes are always fucked up so he wears them to look better in pictures and shit,

    and second he always says when he puts on his face paint he becomes tech n9ne, he can become another personality when hes "hiding behind face paint or sunglasses...

    but overall its cause they are sick as fuck d&g sucka duckas lol

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    In an interview from march he said its cause he usually just woke up and he thinks he looks like a pug(dog) so he wears his shades so it doesn't show his puffy eyes.

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    all this and also i dunno how much drugs u guys do. but he prolly got used to wearin em all the time cuz when ur rollin or just high in general u kinda wanna hide ur eyes

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    Senior Member RoyRazor's Avatar
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    Thanks for the answers. Had me a big laugh for the Cyclops theory lol

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    Senior Member F.T.I.'s Avatar
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    haha cuz the glasses are sick! I got the same pair hella dope sucka duckas.

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