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Thread: FU Pay me

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    FU Pay me

    Fuck You Pay Me
    Damn Straight
    The Gates Mixed Plate
    Fuckin SICK

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    what the hells goin on in here???<p ="text-align: left;">

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that

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    Yeah F U Pay Me is my favorite song on the album. Idk why some people don't like it. it's one of the craziest album ideas i have ever heard of

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    kali rips that shit up....mak shouldnt rap....and tech didnt cha at all...that bummed me out. its fire tho.

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    Tech Tech N9ne N9ne Tech Tech N9ne N9ne
    And by the way yeah the gates mixed plate is some sick ass shit. And for the record FU pay me is sizzlin Tech.


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    If I'm not mistaken, that pussy is DRUNK as FUCK

    Quote Originally Posted by Dukecityspecialist
    what the hells goin on in here???<p ="text-align: left;">

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

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