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Thread: How Come?

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    How Come?

    how come i download the new craig smith and it says it all works and everything but it wont show up in the same catagory as all the other musiic ive downloaded. help me. please.

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    buy the cd and you wont have this problem

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    yeah its only available to download

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    fuck i didnt know. shit calm down i understand

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    did u extract the songs?

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    like i downloaded the cd. and then it said download complete. then i went into my downloads and the cd was there but when i went to open it to listen to it. it wouldnt show up on itunes like all my other ones. if that makes sense

    Quote Originally Posted by The Dejected Idealist
    Its a free album jackass. But Dylan, I have no idea what you are talking about so I cant help. Sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazey Eye
    buy the cd and you wont have this problem

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