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Thread: New song "aint that a bitch"

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    New song "aint that a bitch"

    just looking for some feedback on this new song im recording theres a 3rd verse i havent recorded yet but I just want some opinions about the track its called aint that a bitch

    much love


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    #1 i dont be lovin ur flow
    #2 the chances of u stackin dough is slim- mite wanna stick to playin with dough deliverin pizzas
    no offense
    well, maybe.
    keep it up cant wait to hear ur 3rd verse

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    Senior Member Mike Howard's Avatar
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    this one goes harder

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    u r right
    i dig that
    t-nutty huh? good shit. reminds me of an unseasoned n9na without the $ & a potty mouth lol
    ima check dood out thanks for heads up

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