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Thread: CHARITY SALE: $1 for $190 worth of games. Get in now.

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    CHARITY SALE: $1 for $190 worth of games. Get in now.

    Sup fellas, here's the deal. There's a sale going at the moment for charity, done by THQ and Humble.

    You get to choose how much you pay for all the games starting from $1.

    The games are as follows.

    For $1 you get:


    Metro 2033.

    Red Faction - Armageddon.

    Company of Heroes.

    Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts.

    Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor.

    IF you pay the average price or all purchases made, you get all of the above games PLUS:

    Saints Row: The Third.

    The price I payed was $5.70, which was the average payment at the time, it'll only go up from now so get in quickly. You get all the soundtracks to the games too, I won't listen to them I don't think, but it's extra bang for your buck I guess.

    The average as of the threads creation is: $5.70

    it WILL go up over time.

    These are downloadable games!



    - Steam

    - Paypal/Amazon Payments etc

    - A brain

    - The link

    Here's the link:

    Also you can decide how much goes to the charity, THQ and the people running the organisation. I gave all $5.70 to charity, not sure if I should have given some the organisation or THQ any but ohwell.

    My opinion: Saints Row: The Third is worth paying the average price and getting 6 other games with it. IF you have Saints Row: The Third, it's worth paying $1 for Metro 2033 alone, the games is great. Plus you get all the other games minus Saints Row.

    What you waiting for?

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    Added note: Yes, these are games for PC, not a 7-10 year old console. If you are PC savvy you don't need to read further. How well you will be able to run these games depends on your computers hardware, most computers bought within the last few years will be able to run these games much better than a console even without being set to maximum graphics. It also depends on how demanding the game is. Metro 2033 for example is a very demanding game, so if you have a rust bucket PC it might be best to keep in mind you might not be able to play these games. Check online for the games System Requirements before purchasing if you're unsure!

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    Tie came thru with a $1.50 purchase, who else?

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