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Thread: All 6's Vs 7's

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    All 6's Vs 7's

    Tech N9ne new album <em>All 6's and 7's</em> is kind of self explanatory.

    So this discussion is asking if your a 6 or a 7.

    "<em>Why?"</em> you ask.

    So throughout Tech N9ne's career, what albums made you a 6 or a 7?

    <em>"Me im a 7 because i can relate more to Anghellic".</em> <em>Every time I bump this album. the more i feel Techs pain because songs like...</em>

    Sinister Tech

    Psycho Bitch

    Suicide Letters

    It's Alive


    This Ring

    This Life (Anghellic)

    Going Bad


    Like i said its all "<em>Self Explanatory</em>"

    <em>What makes you a 6 or a 7 and why?</em>

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    Ya it sounds like ur a 6 bro

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    who cares!!!

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    looks like you failed to see ur "self explanatory" post yourself with saying your a 7 when picking all 6 songs.

    this post just turned dumb

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    i think u might have misunderstood da concept even though its "self explanatory"...6 is the demons or da darkness and 7 is the angels, the all 6's n 7's

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    im a 7 trying to get away from the 6's lol now thats self explanatory. anyways dont worry about me what are you??

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    Thats what i was thinking. 7 is godly. 6 is devilish. I think dudes backwards. I'ma 7 because i love the darkness but killer was my favorite album and i love all the feel good shit tech does. No one does it better.

    Quote Originally Posted by iKING
    lol the songs you like from Anghellic are the darker ones.

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    Agree with all the people who say your songs define you more as a "6", but anyway. I'll follow the discussion.

    I used to be 6 for a long time, and oddly, KOD just came out in the middle of my "6" period. I used to listen to :
    Blackened The Sun
    The Martini
    Show Me A God
    Happy Ending
    Last Words
    Psycho Bitch II
    Red Nose

    But lately, I've taken the strength I had left, and I'm trying to become a "7". So I went out listening a lot to :
    Wheaties (sorry but I love that song)
    In The Air
    No Can Do
    Welcome To The Midwest

    And the one I listen to all the time, definitely the one which gives me a lot of strength in my everyday life : Leave Me Alone.

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