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    Big Boi

    His new album is hot. The members of outcast always impress me how different they are from mainstream and how big they are. Why hasnt tech reached out to these guys. These beats are on par with stranges and big boi comes smooth like tech.

    You aint no dj ft yelawolf
    Fo yo sorrows ft george clinton and too short
    Hustle blood ft jamie foxxx (real slow but i dig it)

    Tell me what yall think

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    Junior Member bobots's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    good shit

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    Senior Member metal2death's Avatar
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    New albums sooo dope. I was listening to it on my way back from rock the bells ny. The beats are outta this world. I think kali said he was trying to get them on his album but it doesn't look like he gotm

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    yes i agree. outcast has always been very creative.

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    So far its album of the year in my opinion. I must have listened to that damn album through and through about 30 or 40 times already

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    holy fuck this album goes hard

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