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Thread: Bizzy Bone : Crossroads 2010

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    Bizzy Bone : Crossroads 2010

    I really thought I would only have like a couple of songs on here but I gave it a listen,It beats the hell out of Uni5, he put alot of energy and passion into this cd. Cleary Bizzy does not need the rest of Bone(no disrespect) to make a good album. Alot of rappers shouldnt make rock sounding albums but Bizzy just like Tech arent one of them.

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    the fact that he collaborated with jonny craig makes me respect him, even though he fucking butchered the original LOLZ

    <3 jonny & emarosa & dgd (now that he's back in it)



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    I think as a soloist, his last couple efforts have been really really good. I don't think he's making much though and that kind of dissapoints me.

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    I want him on all 6's and 7's

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    We'll be opening for Bizzy Bone in Cleveland September 18

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