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Thread: Eminem & Tech N9ne

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    Eminem & Tech N9ne

    I know tech wanted eminem to do a verse in my world but em was goin thru sum shit at dat time n i heard he still wants 2 do a track wit him i personally think dat would be 1 of da best rap collabos just imagin da lyrical damage they could do what y'all think?

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    Yes obviously. It would definitely be one of the best collabs ever. Two of the best lyricists in the game, and pretty much my dream collab. Both are still on top of their game, but could you imagine a collab back in 2000? Tech w/ his Anghellic & Em w/ his Slim Shady & Marshall Mathers LP ....

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    hell ya that woulda been FIRE if they had done sum shit back in 00. at least they did that one track together from tech and sway from way back then

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