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Thread: Would you vote for Obama again?

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    Would you vote for Obama again?

    I would, just because i wanna see this <em>"Change"</em> continue.

    Look im not into politics or anything. But it is nice to see how far we'v come from Bush. (Both)

    I mean were still at War, But "<em>its better were over there kickn ass in there backyard, then them thinking about hoping the fince again and fighting us in ours</em>". Quoted by my older brother In the US Army. Thinking like that, keeps me strong back home. So while there making the diffrence, its on us to make the change.

    Idk, But <em>i Pray and Hope</em> that something big will come out of this. and im Anti' War, More like <em>a Hippie</em> id say. Keep the Change Going. Quoted by me

    Dr. Haze

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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but all politicians are full of shit and they are all the same. Because they are all part of these secret clubs. Their agenda is all the same.

    JFK was the last Real president trying to change shit and that's why he was assassinated.

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    i'm not going to respond to clowns that say Obama is part of the Illuminati/New World Order bs
    i can vote for the first time this election and i'm not voting for Obama. he LIED on almost every issue
    He withdraws from Iraq and leaves 50k private contractors like that's any better
    He continued the ILLEGAL Patriot Act
    He gave us bullshit healthcare reform
    He increased troops in Afghanistan, where we have a war there with NO GOAL, where we are killing civilians, where we are wasting taxpayer money, where we are fighting the same people our country created.
    He talked of 'resetting relations' with Iran. He's still threatening them for obvious political reasons
    He's continuing to tolerate Israel's oppresive and illegal policies
    He gave us weak ass financial reform
    He isn't fighting to tax the wealthiest 2% of Americans in the country which is losing the country LITERALLY billions of dollars
    He didn't fight for environmental reform
    He said he would not do offshore drilling, but he expanded it for a 'compromise' on a climate change bill that ended not not even being passed
    He fired Van Jones and Shirley Sherod because Fox News took them out of context and made them seem like conspiracy theorists and racists, respectivley
    He stop funding ACORN because of Fox New's bullshit
    He surrounded himselves with ass holes like Tim Geitner, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Hilary Clinton, David Petraus, etc.
    I'm sure there are some things i can't think of right now but if i get any new stuff i'll share
    AND for those who argue 'ohhhhh it's not Obama's fault the Congress didn't get anything done', i hear you, BUT, he NEVER fights for ANYTHING. he needs some balls

    I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich next election. Why? because he is an active fighter. He fought for healthcare reform, he fought against Bush, even though it was hopeless (shit, he even tried to impeach Bush & Cheney). He follows his own principles (the guy is for animal rights and is even a veagan to prove it). He fought against both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, because he knew the wars were pointless and expensive (except for all the oil the industries would get)

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    obama is the biggest joke of a president, that man is ruining this country, not upholding its values, and doing exactly what everyone expected, NOTHING.

    i will NOT be voting for obama, and you can keep your change.

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    To the poster, i don't know what fantasy you're living in but it must be a great being snuggled deep in the rabbits fur. The poster "a tie a" hit the nail right on the fuckin head. I voted for Obama, and since then all I've seen him do is backpedal on his promises and contradict himself time and time again.

    I fuckin hated Bush, but at least that prick had some balls. Obama is great at playing the role of the sympathizer and the level headed voice of reason, but all that seems to be is an act. All he's done since he's taken office is talk big while taking little action. I do not believe I will be voting for him again.

    On a side note, FUCK FOX NEWS.

    Oh, and also, If Jesse Venture were to run, I would defiantly vote for him tho lol.

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    presidents don't control the economy, doesn't matter what skin tone he has. Just a puppet controlled by the illuminati and old wall street chapedo

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    What have we done as a people to help the change come in affact? (Theres so much we can do) But were so cought up on "The First Black President" its sick. Like i said im not into politics, i just want us out of Afgan' if he's the closest to gettin us out why not help take the steps?

    This is a General Discussion. So far if Jesse Venture sounds like a kick ass person to help reach that step then ima vote for him. Just because we need the Troops back home.

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    Seems like I've been a dick lol. I get what you're saying. But Obama...i mean.... If anything, he's used "hope" and "change" as a ploy to get elected, not as a basis of his political platform. I just can't trust him...I held up my end and voted for him...and he didn't come thru w/ his end of the deal.

    I was halfway joking with the Jesse Venrue thing, I'm pretty sure he would never even make it to the primaries. He's been doin a show called "Conspiracy Theories" or something like that where he investigates conspiracies theories and tries to prove and/or disprove them. I believe some of the things he's taken on, questioned, and said on his show have essentially blacklisted him from ever being considered by his party to even begin to run for president.

    Dennis Kucinich sounds like a good choice, but I would have to look further into him before conforming that I would suppourt him.

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    I think people are trying to put Obama on both ends of the spectrum. People either want to categorize him as completely horrible or completely amazing. He's not either. He's actually one of the most mediocre presidents I've seen in a while. If there was 100 presidents, he'd rank 50. That's how unimportant I think he is. People just think it's interesting to bash him or praise him. He's average. Simple as that.

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    Well I voted for McCain soooo my vote stays the same

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