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Thread: Brotha Lynch Hung

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    Brotha Lynch Hung

    I've decided to get a Brotha Lynch Hung album but he's made quite a few, going all the way back to 1993 , right upto upcoming albums in 2013. What is a good first album of his to get?

    Also did his music improve in any way after signing with Strange Music?


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    "Season of da the Siccness" is a fuckin ic and my favorite older lynch album. Also another one of my favorite newer lynch album(early 2000's) is" Suicide Note" it's a double disc(but second disc only has 8 or 9 songs or so on it)
    my opinion lynch has always been a sic MC.
    I think his feat. Improved a lot after signing with Strange buy his lyrics have always been there.

    That's just my opinion though... B4 I get bashed by anY1 or sum1 saying that the albums I picked sucked , that's what my opinion is and these two are must have Lynch Albums

    P.s. This is also not considering any Lynch Strange Albums @ all . Just ones b4 Strange contract.

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    I'd suggest to start with LOADED or SEASON OF THE SICCNESS

    the major difference I've noticed since he's been signed with Strange is BETTER beats, BETTER lyrics, BETTER mixing/mastering, and BETTER music videos.Then obviously listen to:

    Dinner and a Movie

    Coathanga Strangla

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    idc what anybody on here thinks, DAAM and CHS are both ics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusional1

    idc what anybody on here thinks, DAAM and CHS are both ics

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    Dinner and a Movie

    The Ripgut Collection (I thought he made a good selection for this)


    Coathanga Strangla

    The rest

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    I think his best release that is NON-Strange is Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note. I think it's more well rounded with better beats and quality, having the dark shit but still has content you can relate to. Tbh Season of da Siccness I'm not a HUGE fan of, I think to really appreciate Loaded and Season of Da Sicc you had to have been around listening to hip hop in at the time, but that's just my thoughts

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    Whats dope about Lynch is how he switches up his so much. Loaded sounds completely different than Season of the Siccness. These albums sound dated now but when they first came out they were far superior too what Lynch has done with Strange so far. Even tho I love DAAM it wasn't anything compared to Loaded when it dropped.
    For a first introduction i'd pick Best of Brotha Lynch Hung.

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    i say season of the siccness DAAM CHS And I would say any of his older albums they were all pretty good imo i think he he got a little better with strange

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    Brotha Lynch is Brotha Lynch... No matter what CD you buy you get some of the best lyrics and innovation hands down! That being said buy the strange Sh*t! Dinner and a Movie and Coathanga Strangela are amazing!!! Strange Music!!!

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