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    Tech on

    yo whats up Tech, im GeniusByNature im a SMOD on Krayzie Bone's website and i was hoping to kinda pursade you to set up and account with us...Trust Tech you got alot of fans on that site...i wouldnt be askin if u didnt, i think alot of users might like a visit from the one n only. Please get back at me.


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    Just watch what you say there tech, They will ban your ass for blinking the wrong way.

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    Yes, there is A LOT of fan's of you Tech. Myself which I'm a Mod (Pennywise). And also, NNUTTHOWZE is a big fan of you. Atleast one visit would be good man. Good post Kratos.

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    looking at that TL logo...did Krayzie change the label from Thug Line to The Life? i heard or read somewhere that Kray was switching some of his content up.

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    dont that website is gay they ban u for anything! its like enterin communist russia and or nazi germany

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