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    I JUST BROKE "BOTH" OF MY PIPES!!!!!! I have been on here reading the juggalo vs everyone else threads and i figured id try to take a little time to lighten the mood, Have you Ever Broken a Pipe? its very sad....

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    I had one custom made and my friend broke mine

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    I broke the first pipe i ever bought after having it for like 8 years. It was my old faithful and i slipped in socks and broke the neck right off of it. And then like a year later i broke a 2 foot bob marley bong that i had had for a while. That was a sad day. Both were. But i've had more taken by the cops than broken. I've lost a 3 foot hooka(sc) with 4 six foot hoses and a wooden pipe that was hand carved by a crackhead in mississippi that i paid for and 2 chellum's and 2 big pipes. All taken by the cops over the years.

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    damn breaking both of your pipes REALLY blows... ive seen my fair shit of shit break and get taken by the pigs, ive seen shit stolen, smashed, just about all of the above...

    the saddest was a one week old 4' ZONG with 5 kinks that was just sittin on a table after we got done smokin and it just cracked out of nowhere!!! it was horrible, at least the bong water wasnt bad cause it was only a week old, but we did make the most of it and taped as much as we could then just stuck the whole thing in a tuperware bowl filled with water and let it sit on the table while we stood up to hit it!!! it was pretty good impravising until we all got money for a new bong

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    i live in utah and about 6 years ago in the winter we were hotboxing in my buddy's jeep while parked behind a dumpster (we were there for 2 hours just smokin) well i got out to have a smoke and lap chucked a pure white pipe that i had in the SNOW!!! i didnt notice it at the time or else i probably would have found it but we left then i realized it was gone and we went back and it was never to be found again!!!

    i learned my lesson to never buy a white pipe while living in utah during the winter, lol HAHAHA

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    Myy brother gave me a 4 ft bong that he had 4ever with a bunch of stickers on that shit,sorta like a stoner heirloom,anyway me and my homeboy justin landed up selling the kmk some bud while they were in town about 10 yrs ago and we took that very bong on their tourbus and smoked out ,they stamped my bong with one of their stickers and my homegirl nicole broke my bong on accident. At the time I had never heard of kmk but anyhow I'm still pissed about that bong

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    i've never, ever broken a pipe. (:

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    Yeah man that sucks!! I've broken a couple pipes back in the day and that shit pissed me off. Now I only buy the more expensive thick glass pipes and those are really hard to break.

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    You're obviously not smokin enough lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Halii
    i've never, ever broken a pipe. (:

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