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Thread: Can anyone recommend some good E-40?

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    Can anyone recommend some good E-40?

    The only shit I've really heard of his is just the verse on Jellysickle which was tight but I wanna know his music better before I see him in concert. What's his overall best album and I'll give that a listen.

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    E 40 in a major way album is dope. thats some old school 40 i used to list to

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    Here's a good old school song of E-40 & Too Short with 2Pac chilling in the video.

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    Charlie hustle:The blueprint of a self-made millionaire...His best album in my opinion

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    Yeah, B-Legit & E-40 together went off the hook

    Quote Originally Posted by kciDyM

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    man.... I can't take this cat serious. No offence but buddy sounds like fuckin shit.

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    E 40 is a legend bro. One of few artists that's been around for years n never sold out. Still makin bangers to this day. Mad respect

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