Since he has been on his own grind one of Tech's former Protege's (infact Tech gave him his name) Dalima is workin on establishing his name as more than just one of the Strange Music familiy Affiliates. He is going to be dropping his new album in 2013, and has put his hands on establishing his fan base in a similiar route to what Tech did, BUT he is not trying ot just mimick or leech off Tech N9ne's name or his association with tech..He has how ever launched his own Street Team Campaign and is seeking legitimate street teamers (there are incentives to being a street team member) most of the lay out is similiar to what Strange music's street team is requested to do. So for the people who are down it's a call to arms.

Dalima is chopper, yes he raps fast but its precise accurate and he can duplicate what he does on cd LIVE. Thats always a bonus right? But what people arent aware of is he is also One of the orginal choppers along with his some times partner "D Locc tha gil god" in fact they were irginally features on an early Tech N9ne track as Da young gunz. They have appeared on Songs with Twista, and also work with Liquid Assassin.

If you want to get involved I am working wit hthe stree team leaders to help build a team of legitimate teamers, there is a lay out a request for professionalism, and understand that you have a 90 day time period to show you are on your feet able to handle the work load. Dalima also has his own label and after i finish typing all this ou you can check out what there is. Contact and use referance number thiryone twelve (3112) as to who recommended you join up here are some links enjoy...oh and for the trollers or people who arent into Dalima or feel like talkin trash, please feel free to save that for some one else. We are beinf respectful and ask you return the courtesy. " please vote for DALIMA MUSIC artist MAC MO GREEN L P M " SOUNDCLOUD youtube twitter web #jango / dalima radio cd baby for "THA HANGOVER BONUS EDITION" MAC MO GREEN LPM (loud pac mac) MONEY SOUND DALIMA

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