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Thread: Why Does Eveybody Hate ICP?

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    Why Does Eveybody Hate ICP?

    Just curious why eveyone is so quick to say fuck ICP?

    And for those who dislike them, how much of their music have you actually listened to?

    It seems like a lot of people just jump on the fuck ICP bandwagon without having heard them.

    Sure some of their stuff can be considered sub par, but they have some really good tracks.

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    I just don't dig their , just an opinion. I don't hate ICP and I certainly don't hate juggalos.

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    because their music fucking sucks, OMG they are soooo gay. fuck ICP and faggalos, Tech N9ne is so much more creative and talented

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    lolololol you always get so butt hurt about this topic. cry more please

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahiggity Diggity
    This thread will be filled with comments like
    "because their music fucking sucks, OMG they are soooo gay. fuck ICP and faggalos, Tech N9ne is so much more creative and talented"

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    i don't think they are that great, but they have some decent tracks
    i just hate looking thru their music because i end up liking 1 song out of every 5 i look up lol

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    once again, because there a bunch of douchbags that probably rape eachother at nighttime

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    I couldnt read the wall of text, though I skimmed through it.
    Honestly I enjoy the majority of their music, and I can forgive the tracks that are lacking.
    Here are a few tracks from assorted albums.
    Ghetto Zone
    Under the moon
    The Tower.
    They might not be for you, but I like them.

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    ICP are great..
    Doesnt bother me if ppl hating on them.
    Just shows they havent heard much of there music..

    Alot just cant handle the image..
    and like things more like lil wayne.

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    They sing bullshit songs about crap they would never do, they have sub-par beats, and they have poor lyrics (disregarding the fact that they would never do any of those things). I personally think they are poor musicians and I really have tried to give them a chance. Every new song they come out with I give it a listen and I try to listen to older music by them also that other people have said are their best songs. Im not trying to hate on ICP I just don't like their music and think they are poor artists.

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    the reason i hate icp and fagallos is that there idea of them beign a family is bullshit.What they belive is bullshit.Isn't your real family not enough why do you want old grown man that paint there face to your family there strangers. Because they know what your going thru? Bulllshit they don't know that you exist they just want $$$. They want you to spend the money that your parent give you the money you earn. There In It for the fame and money!! So Fuck ICP

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