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    help me

    k m y first meet and greet gotta few quesitons...

    1. how much shit can u get singed

    2. how man piks can u take?

    3. can u take on pik wit everyone in it?

    4. is everyone on the tour in the meet and greet or just strange?

    5. will someone post on here the day the tour starts what cds they will have

    6. whose the main act? Tech or e40? (stupid question but i had to aks)

    7. will thee be a tour cd?

    8. do they sign RDV cds?

    9. when do we get our packages?

    10. will trhe pass be on a lanyard?

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    1. as much as you want
    2. as much as you want
    3. yes
    4. everyone on tour
    5. maybe
    6. Tech
    7. maybe, but i dont think so
    8. yes, why wouldnt they??
    9. within a week of your show
    10. no, you get a sticker to put on your shirt

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