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Thread: Make fun of the above poster.

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

    Make fun of the above poster.

    Aaaaand begin!

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    I'm the only one who's willing to make fun of this egotistical vindictive narcissistic know it all piece of shit!? Going around thinking your words better then everyone else's in every post you make. And to top it off, you think your so unquestionable correct that you tie whatever you post with with some form of mocking, pussy! Even your damn avatar is a gold shining figure with a crown! Wipe your idiosyncrasies to always be right and come down to earth! You don't deserve veneration, what you need is a old fashion ass kicking ASSHOLE!

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    Senior Member a tie a's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    Shane is an angry ass hole

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    tie is an angry dick rider who'll do anything for siikez's attention!

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    Senior Member Jackie's Avatar
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    Jun 2009

    Gavyn is a homo with plump man booty in his avy. This mf knows the print is too small to read in avy form when he posts... So anybody who clicks on it to see what the words say is a homo, too.

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    Senior Member AndrewBlades's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    can't be mean to Jackie, so I'll take the bullet for her

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    andrew's too much of a pussy to say big boy words about a girl (sorry man, this thread made me do it)

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    Senior Member Hecktik888's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    Gavyn's a lil bitch for apologizing to andrew for being a pussy to say anything about that slut jackie LOL...CHEA!!

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    grow some hair

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    Senior Member IceCold's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Your name is Get Blunted... Do I really need to say more? Talk about how Im sure you are a half retarded, unemployed, lazy, good for nothing, waste of space that lives in mommys basement? How about you use your Obama phone to call around for job interviews so you can get a real life and stop leeching off society. And no, your 20 hour a week job a Burger King is not a real job. "I get high because it helps my back pain." Bull-fucking-shit. You get high because you want to distort reality.

    Just kidding bro. Youre good people.

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