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Thread: twiztid/kaliko/prozak

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    They r thinking about touring together. It was up on kalikos twitter. I think it would be ill

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    Dec 2009
    I liked their song together
    A tour would be great

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    Jan 2010
    DANG! They NEED to do that! if they come to the Bay i would def go to a show

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    a tour would be dope as hell too bad no psy act hardly ever comes through montana

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    thats a skipper

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    that would b SICK.

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    how about no twiztid? Wicked was a decent album, they have a few songs here and there, but I don't want to see them with Kali & Prozak

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    i think this would be a dope tour and i love this track.i think wicked was dope ass album only album i dont like by twiztid is mutant. kali doing his new shock treatment.twiztid doing there new album and well prozak still doing tales from the sick lol

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    No Twiztid = no draw.

    Would like to see this lineup happen myself.

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    If this happens, it would be dope as fuck.

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