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Thread: Tech N9ne: Someone To Believe In

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    Good shit, damn that was kinda long lol

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    nice find, great interview

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    a real shit though, everyone need to stop criticizing him and let him do his thing... he ain't gonna be recognized and respected as one of the greatest until he gets in the limelight anyways

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    For the record, I dont want to suck Techs dick.

    You mothafuckas! I actually gave you that hard-ass album, K.O.D., and you sucked my dick - and that's wonderful, 'cause I love my dick sucked.

    DX: Who doesn't.

    Tech N9ne: I can say that to my fans. Suck my dick for K.O.D. Thank you, 'cause I gave you my heart; I'm 'posed to have my dick sucked.

    I paid for KOD with cash. I will give him props and kudos, but that is the extent of it.

    Also, I feel like Tech is one of those people who wont be appreciated till after he's dead.

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    saw this last week

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    old.........use search bar

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    Saw last week? It's dated the 15th of August, that's TWO days ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer
    saw this last week

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    old.........use search bar

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    YEAH SUNDAY IS TECHNICALLY THE START OF A NEW WEEK, IDIOTS!!!!! some people just need ta chill out yah know.

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    same shit, different topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp Limp
    same shit, different topic.

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