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    Do hopsin have any free mixtapes out right now?

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    thats what i wanna know. that new raw promo got me intersted soo much. it slightly reminds me of when eazy was dissen dre and was still gettin paid. check out funkvolume and hes probably got some shit out there to promote himself.. hopsin is about to blow the fuck up. he's almost on some fti shit

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    Dude is about as fti as it gets.. I really hope strange has contacted him about what he's doin after all this. Cuz I think funk volume/hopsin would thrive under stranges guidence. Techs been through this same shit and I'm sure he can relate

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    Yes, Haywire Mixtape with SwizZz. You can get it at

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    Haywire 2 and Raw will both be dropping soon and will be free downloads on

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