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Thread: People's reaction 2 Devil Boy

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    People's reaction 2 Devil Boy

    I was just wandering if people look at you crazy when they here you bump devil boy....I bump that track more that most because I feel it. ..I'm just talking about the people who hear it for the first time n dont listen to the lyrics but all they hear is "They call me devil boy,They call me devil boy" lol..Back in 03 I was giving a real good friend of mine a ride home.When she heard devil boy she had a scared look in her eyes n was lookin at me like I was about 2 murder her..Tellin me 2 pull over she would walk from there!!!She was so serious I had 2 pull over about a mile from her house n let her off at night. in the country...Were cool now though!!! I had to school her on tech's music..

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    Or am I the only one who bump's that track

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    fuck no i bump this track more than most of the other dope tracks,

    it goes so hard!!!

    i love when i breaks into the metal part and he screams the lyrics, shits tight as fuck

    but yea i had a buddy who listened to this song for the first time and was like, i thought tech said he wasnt into that devil worship shit, then he makes this song??? and i was like, u stupid ass did you even pay attention to the song!!!

    and of course the same guy thought that the song worst enemy was about a friend of techs, and i was like are you fucking serious? LISTEN TO THE SONG!!! some people are just dont have a proclivity for music

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