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Thread: How I think Tech's success will change the future of hip-hop.

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    How I think Tech's success will change the future of hip-hop.

    I think that Tech being independent hes just going to inspire all the rappers that are already currently doing good to go independent. I imagine that they'll all get the idea from Tech once they realize all the more money you can make independently causing all the good rappers who don't get hardly any radio play anymore to switch to being indie.Further more I think his success will inspire rappers to not be afraid to come out and put all there true skill and passion into there lyrics. In fact I think to some point Tech has inspired the radio already with the way that rappers are trying to sound harder and are rapping faster. But other than that I doubt his success will ever penetrate the true mainstream but will instead influence any rapper doing financially good who has skill to go indie. While on the other hand I imagine that as rappers slowly go indie they'll replace the ones who went indie with newer ghetto hip-hop wannabe crunk rappers and give a bunch of idiots there 15 minutes of fame and possibly even music awards because of it.But all in all I don't ever see the industry bowing down to Tech correctly as in the way Tech wants to see it happen. I mean even when a talented rapper is famous enough to force his way on the radio they hardly get any proper radio play anyway. And I think the reason why is because most hip-hop fans mainstream wise are stupid little teenage gang banger wannabes who want to hear ring tone/club rap to listen to while high or when hitting on girls at parties. If anything I blame hormones and teenage girls as the reason for this because guys these days do anything to get laid and so they only want to be known for liking whatever they think chicks dig.So all in all not much will change for how we see hip-hop mainstream wise but the underground/indie hip-hop world will grow and possibly become bigger than the mainstream and people will slowly ignore the radio.And that is how I think Tech's success will change the future of hip-hop..

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    wow thats a very unique thought ide like to hear more.

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