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    set up a fantasy football leauge, need 15 ppl 2 join, all are welcome, 1st come 1st get in, plz only join if u plan 2 play all yr long, even if ur team sux, and u must make the draft, if u dont make the draft u will be removed from the leauge, well set up a time and day everybody agrees on. this leauge is very different then ones ur probly used 2, it will be an auction draft, which means we all have $200 to start out with, theres no order in which we draft, u will get 2 bid on who u want as much as u want, but remeber u gotta fill ur roster so spen wisely, the computer will not let u run outta money, it will save $1 for every remaining roster spot u have so u wont be able to bid more then a dollar if u run low on cash, sound difficult?? its not!! much more gm skills needed and alot more fun, also u will not select one whole teams defense or special teams, u will have 2 draft the whole roster, offense and defense!! its alot more fun this way, there are trades and free agents, but limits on all, the leauge also has the right 2 veto a bad trade if it gets voted out, any questions ask, im sending a link so u can check it out, rosters, scoring etc...if it will not let u join, send me ur email and i will invite u, thx and anyone who wants 2 play plz join, but we gotta get enuff ppl 2 play by the end of preseason so we can draft b4 week 1!!!..lmk as soon as u decide 2 join.

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    Junior Member thereaper's Avatar
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    im down, sign me up

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    wow 1 person?? i thought there were football fans on here??? theres 3 total in the leauge so far, anyboy else? if all teams arent takin, no leauge, join fellas!!

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    I could join.

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    that be great, all are welcome, send me ur email and it has 2 be a hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aim, msn, netscaper, lycos, hotmail, and few others no school or work ones will work, so we got 4 now need several more, and u gotta make the draft well all setup a good time 4 us all 2 do so, by majority rulse, if not the computer will pick 4 u and they mostly screw u, thx 4 joining

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    I already have a league

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    sorry sounds like too much work.

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    naw its really not, my 1st time playin like this was last yr, and ill never play a different one again, but if its not 4 u thats cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by draztik
    sorry sounds like too much work.

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    im in 3 leauges if u wana play thats cool with me, if not also cool with me.

    Quote Originally Posted by World Famous Dirty 530
    I already have a league

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    sent you my email...waiting for an invite

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