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Thread: Maybe its jus me but

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    Maybe its jus me but

    I was readin n saw waka flaka flame tryn to bite Tech With a song called fuck dis industry i say fuck that lame ass

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    ah mane i wouldnt say he's biting it, lotsa people say fuck the industry im sure

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    honestly....anyone that called themselves "underground" is gnna say that shit to get underground fans. and any thats underground is underground pretty much for a reason. the INDUSTRY wouldnt let them in cause they wouldnt change. so ya. lotsa underground rappers r gnna b on that fuck the industry shit. its not biting

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    1. how the hell is he trying to make a FTI song when he is obviously a part of it
    2. you fail. tech didnt invent or copyright the use of the words "fuck the industry"

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