Let's Get It! <em>100% CRAZY</em> - SIC ILLhttp://streetcarnage.com/blog/is-thi...ally-retarded/STREET CARNAGE &gt;&gt; SIC ILL | IS THIS RAPPER MENTALLY RETARDED?We received a promotional email from Seattle rapper Sic Ill's record company and decided to click the link for his new video.It took only a few seconds for us to start wondering whether the MC was mentally disabled. Plodding Klonopin beats, childish lyrics about McDonald's fries, and the MC's sloe-lidded, half-aware gaze were what led to our suspicions.But then it dawned on us that most of American pop culture these days is roughly as dumb as this. So here's the question: Is this guy significantly more retarded than American culture these days? More to the point, are people more willing to look the other way when black people act retarded?SIC ILL - FAST N HOT - Mcdonald's/Super Size-Me Inspired Music Video -