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Thread: 50 cent calls Shyne

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    50 cent calls Shyne

    i thought this was pretty funny so i figured i would share it

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    I CALL SHYNE!!!!

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    The TC didn't explain much. Here is the story how I know it: A while ago when Shyne was in jail, 50 tried to contact him to try and get a record deal going. Shyne didn't like 50 so he refused and diss tracks went back and forth. Knowing that 50 is a record label Nazi and booted Game and Buck for collaborating with "enemies", you might think its a little ironic that 50 is contacting Shyne for what ever reason he is.

    Here is the truth. 50 is shit. Right now he is panicking, much like Diddy Dirty Money, and wondering why he isn't popular anymore. Losing massive amounts of weight for movie roles and calling people that don't like what he stands for. He was pretty smart investing in clothes, shoes, vitamin water, and doing movie roles. He needs to get out while he still has cash.

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    I don't get it.

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