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Thread: Strange Music Flag?????

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    Strange Music Flag?????

    I see this on the Vip Package list thing. Can we get this at the store??? Cause it sounds wonderful Lol I want it.

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    I want it too and hang it off my gf and my apartment balcony.

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    If I had a Strange Music flag..that'd be amazing Lol I already have a one of those HUGE fat heads of the Yankees logo. This flag would look great on the other wall.

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    i want a strange flag too. that would be wet crack

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    You would hang it off your gf?!?!?
    Lol, sorry just read it as if a comma would be after 'gf'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    I want it too and hang it off my gf and my apartment balcony.

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