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    Heres The Releases I Know About For 2013Tech's New LP-March 12th 2013

    Ces Cru-Constant Energy Struggles-Spring 2013

    Kutt Calhoun's New LP-March 2013

    Rittz-The Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant-April 16th 2013

    Mayday New Release (Was Mentioned In A Pic Rittz Posted On Twitter)Brotha Lynch Hung- Mannibalector-2013

    Jay Rock New LP

    if you know any others plz post about them

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    krizz kaliko- son of sam 2013

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    cool i totally spaced out that one

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    Cool. I didn't know about the info on the Rittz release.

    Waiting for an actual Mannibalector date.

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