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Thread: What upcoming Strange cd are you most looking forward to?

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    What upcoming Strange cd are you most looking forward to?

    Kaliko - Shock Treatment

    Big Scoob - Damn Fool

    Cognito - Unnamed Mixtape

    Tech N9ne - All 6s and 7s

    Brotha Lynch - CoatHangaStrangla

    Prozak - Hitchcock of Hip Hop

    Kabosh - Amafrican Psycho

    At the moment I am most looking forward to Shock Treatment, but that is probably because it is getting close to dropping.

    Other than that I am curious to see how All 6s and 7s comes out as well as Lynchs new one.

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    Everything but Lynch's. I don't know how the Mixtape's going to turn out, so that's still up in the air.

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    Kabosh the most, and everything else except Prozak

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    Tech N9ne. His Album will Idk if anyone on this team can hang with tech to have there Album to stand out more. but dont get me wrong there all gonna be good just Tech.... is tech so Tech.

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    1. Tech
    2. Prozak
    3. Krizz Kaliko
    4. Kabosh
    5. Brotha Lynch Hung
    6. Cognito
    7. Big Scoob

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    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a
    1. Tech
    2. Prozak
    3. Krizz Kaliko
    4. Kabosh
    5. Brotha Lynch Hung
    6. Cognito
    7. Big Scoob

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    This order for me

    Big Scoob.

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    Shock Treatment
    All 6's And 7's
    Amafrican Psycho
    Coathanga Strangla

    Pretty much the order of releases. Genius is my shit, so I'm super interested in what Kali is bringing with Shock Treatment. We just got the Mixed Plate and I was a little disappointed, so the little promo and info I've heard about 6's n' 7's has me pumped for that. Kabosh, I just been waiting forever for that. And Lynch's DAAM was pretty fucking good, I'm interested in hearing where he's going next.

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    You Bastard, you made this a hard one.

    1 All 6s and 7s
    2 Damn Fool
    3 CoatHangaStrangla
    4 Hitchcock of Hip Hop
    5 Unnamed Mixtape
    6 Shock Treatment
    7 Amafrican Psycho

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    Shock Treatment (cuz its so close to releasing, and I can't wait for my preorder to come.)
    All 6's and 7's
    Damn Fool
    Cog's Mixtape
    Hitchcock of Hip Hop

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