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Thread: Kutt's Verse on Pow Pow.

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    Kutt's Verse on Pow Pow.

    Anyone else find it kinda annoying that the Doubled Voice Effect, is louder than Kutt? I don't know, that shit distracts me when i am hearing it. I try to actually focus on hearing Kutt's Real voice on the track.

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    He did that on purpose and I think it was fuckin dope. It was suppose to be sort of like a homage verse to mac mall's song "my opinion". Fuckin dopeness for those that know

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    Since this was the 1st thread ill post here. That verse is hella sick he took it back to the old school and it sounds different from any of the music out now Strange always raising the bar maybe he's trying to get more attention since hes always overlooked thats just "My Opinion"

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    im with you man, it's too distracting when i listen to it. i analyze the shit out of music so maybe thats why it bugs me so much. i wish i could enjoy it to be honest, id rather i didnt care lol

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    It also kinda reminds me a bit of the effect Andre 3000 uses at times. Like on this song (2:20)

    Not entirely the same, but similar.

    Now i know where it came from though, that Mac Mall song. But in that song it's the other way around, the effect is not louder than the normal voice.

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    Yeah it was mad annoying

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    I thought it was the shit, but again I am a big Kutt fan

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    It is the shit these other kids are smoking crizzle crack!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Josiah Hill
    I thought it was the shit, but again I am a big Kutt fan

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    That voice thing when he's rapping is annoying as fuck, I don't even listen to it because of that.

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