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Thread: Bizzy B = Top City KS

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    Bizzy B = Top City KS

    aye who all think Bizzy had a hard verse. i dont know if hes gotta account on here but hes from my town an i thought i would create this thread to let him know people from other areas are feelin his music and to keep doin his thing . leave a comment let em know

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    He went hard. One of my favorite collabs on TGMP fasho. "For sit back and let this beat massage yo ass cheeks." He killed his whole verse.

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    Ha, I meant " For now sit back."

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    Samn, I jus woke up, " For now sit back, relax and let this beat massage yo ass cheeks." Lol.

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    His verse was dope. I thought it was one of the best features on GMP.

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