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Thread: What is your 1st T9X

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    What is your 1st T9X

    When was the first time you heard of Tech N9ne? When was it what where you doing Whats your Tech N9ne eXperience?

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    Senior Member Quemical's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Around 2001, saw people sporting Tech N9ne Anghellic Sigs on message boards. Was curious cuz of the way he looked, the name got stuck, then i heard him get mentioned a few times here and there. Decided to check out some of his music through Kazaa or whatever P2P crap i used at the time. Heard Planet Rock first, then Einstein got a few more songs, thought they were really good. But didn't get into his music until my brother bought Absolute Power and made myself a copy of the album. After that, it was on!

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    tech n9ne - search bar ft. siikes

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    My friend downloaded "I'ma Playa" on my computer and put it on a mix for me n thats the first time i heard tech, first time i heard of tech was my friend from vegas kept mentioning him

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    i was at my cousins house stoned out off my brains and my cousin put up imma playa
    i was like who is this dude spittin like i never heard before the rest is history
    now its strange music all day

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    My buddy always listened to him but I didn't pay any attention. Then I actually set down and listened to be warned and it's been on ever since

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    On the ICP wicked wonka tour I heard him perform Einstein I'm a playa this ring and I've been a fan ever since.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahiggity Diggity
    Your gonna get bashed for there is another thread like this
    anyway I first heard of him on ICP's madhouse song

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    I llove how many threads there on about this...
    Looked up D12 discog, found She Devil

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    The day Absolute Power came out in September 2002 thanks to for puttin the free dl of AP up that day, it was the first time I ever heard of Tech.

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    i heard bout him when i was in basic training down in ft leonardwood missouri. heard he was sick but never listened to him until i went to the wicked wonka tour. he came out in the parking lot with kaliko and gave us all cookies and shit that his gma made him lol. then he performed this ring and i was an instant fan .

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