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Thread: Strange question...

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    Strange question...

    Do you think you could rank your 100 favorite Tech songs? I challenge you. If you have the time of course lol. I will hopefully be starting a couple part time jobs soon and school as well, so Im gunna try this tonight and see how I do. I imagine it will be incredibly tough.

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    i could pick 100 but ranking them is pretty crazy... i might try lol

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    I'm gonna do this, it'll be really difficult though

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    lol yeah it is pretty crazy. I just think it would be fun. Im gunna post my top 100, 5 vids per day on my facebook. Its a good way to promote Tech to a bunch of my friends on there that don't listen to him.

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    100. Mad Confusion
    99. Demons
    98. Too Much
    97. Holier Than Thou
    96. Get Blowed
    95. Need More Angels
    94. Fan or Foe
    93. Why Ya Aint Call Me
    92. No Can Do
    91. The Virus
    90. Be Jealous
    89. Show Me A God
    88. Sickology 101
    87. Strange Music Box
    86. Runaway
    85. Like Yeah
    84. Misery
    83. Niggas
    82. Hellbound
    81. Questions
    80. Dysfunctional
    79. Midwest Choppers
    78. Riot Maker
    77. Trauma
    76. They're All Gunna Laugh At You
    75. Midwest Choppers 2
    74. Crybaby
    73. Victory
    72. Pain Killer
    71. Be Warned
    70. Can't Shake It
    69. Caribou Lou
    68. Freaky
    67. Far Away
    66. You Don't Want It
    65. Keep On Keepin On
    64. P.R. 2k1
    63. Money
    62. Happy Ending
    61. The Worst
    60. Devil Boy
    59. Constantly Dirty
    58. Hope For A Higher Power
    57. Message To The Black Man
    56. Slither
    55. World Gone Crazy
    54. Tormented
    53. Last Words
    52. This Life
    51. God Complex
    50. Worst Enemy
    49. One Good Time
    48. Sinister Tech
    47. Blown Away
    46. Killing You
    45. She Devil
    44. R.O.O.T.
    43. I Love You But Fuck You
    42. Shadows On The Road
    41. Here I Come
    40. Mitchell Bade
    39. PASEO
    38. Cloudy Eye Stroll
    37. Yada Yada Yada
    36. The Rain
    35. Strange
    34. The Martini
    33. Im A Playa
    32. Here Comes Tecca Nina
    31. In My Head
    30. Welcome To The Midwest
    29. Low
    28. Psycho Bitch
    27. Going Bad
    26. My World
    25. Who You Came To See
    24. Monster
    23. Now Its On
    22. Imma Tell
    21. Slacker
    20. Sleeping Beauty
    19. Red Nose
    18. Cursed
    17. Leave Me Alone
    16. K.O.D.
    15. It's Alive
    14. T9X
    13. Red Necro
    12. Turn
    11. Absolute Power
    10. Come Gangsta
    09. This Is Me
    08. The Grench
    07. Einstein
    06. Suicide Letters
    05. Industry Is Punks
    04. Breathe
    03. Trapped In A Psycho's Body
    02. Twisted
    01. This Ring

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    I dunno about ranking them man, but I could come up with 100. Does this include Tech N9ne Collabos songs as well, or just Tech's Solo shyte?

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    2.Yada Yada Yada
    3. Imma Tell
    5.Imma Playa
    7.Sinister Tech
    8.This Ring
    9.Its Alive
    12.No Can Do
    13.Come Gangsta
    14.Little Pills
    15.My World
    16.The Rain
    17.This is Me
    18.Night And Day
    19.Caribou Lou
    20.In My Head
    21.Riot Maker
    22.Show Me a God
    23.Blackened The Sun
    24.Strange Music Box
    25.In The Trunk
    27.It an An Accident
    28.Shadows On The Road
    31.Like Yeah
    32.Get The Fuck Outta Here
    33.The Waitress
    34.Shit Is Real
    35.Paint A Dark Picture
    36.I Love You but Fuck You
    37.One Good Time
    38.Why You Aint Call Me
    39.Happy Ending
    40.Pain Killer
    41.Last Sad Song
    42.Girl Crazy
    44.Blown Away
    45.Sorry N' Shit
    46.Red Nose
    47.Mitchell Bade
    49.Snake Ya
    50.Mad Confusion
    51.Now Its on
    53.Far Away
    54.Party & Bullshit
    55.In The Air
    56.Let Me In
    57.Sickology 101
    58.That Box
    59.Like I Died
    61.I Am Everything
    62.Pillow Talkin'
    63.The Beast
    64.Welcome To The Midwest
    66.Its What You Thinkin
    68.Absolute Power
    69.Keep On Keppin' On
    70.Leave Me Alone
    71.Gangsta Shap
    72.Killing You
    75.Sex Out South
    76.Too Much
    77.Be Jealous
    80.Be warned
    82.Toy Dont Want It
    83.Hope For A Higher Power
    84.This Life
    85.Here Comes Tecca Nina
    86.Psycho Bitch
    87.Going Bad
    88.Who You Came To Se
    90.Whats Next
    92.KC Tea
    95.Suicide Letters
    96.The Grench
    97.Trapped In A Psychos Body
    98.Lets Get Fucked Up
    99.Take A Picture
    100.Thugged Out

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    why lol at her?

    Quote Originally Posted by D22iK
    lol @ Kimmy. At least your number one isn't Caribou Lou. Most of the girls that know him say that's their favorite.

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    Yea I dont get it either

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    why lol at her?

    Quote Originally Posted by D22iK
    lol @ Kimmy. At least your number one isn't Caribou Lou. Most of the girls that know him say that's their favorite.

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    Wow I can't believe two people took the time to do this . Ha ha .

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