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Thread: Did Tech ever respond to Wayne like he said he would??

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    Did Tech ever respond to Wayne like he said he would??

    On Tech's twitter, it says "Imma slide thru on damn fool tv at 4oclock to respond to lil wayne"

    I missed the ustream that day so don't know if Tech said anything, any of y'all know?? I'm thinking he didn't say anything cuz I'm sure it would've been all over the discussion threads, but I'm asking anyway just incase

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    yea he said yes

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    Nevermind, just saw the video of Tech's response on his response wasn't big news on this website. Maybe it just hasn't settled in yet

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    where did you see his responce?

    link please!!

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    It wasn't big news because the brodcast was all fucked up. And that Lil wayne thing stirred a bunch of shit, by the time it was official that Tech would Collab with wayne, there was nothing more to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp Limp
    where did you see his responce?

    link please!!

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    It was posted on here somewhere, probably amongst one of the millions of "Wayne/Tech collabo" threads. And he didn't even need to respond, we all knew he would do it.

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