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Thread: UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen WOW!

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    UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen WOW!

    damn anyone see that fight 1st round i thought he was goin to clown sonnenlike he does everyone i was wooting for silva (hate sonnen) but fuckin sonnen did his shit tonight but got hit real hard by silva(who was on the bottom half gaurd) sonnen took cover and silva goes for the tringle hold but sonnen tries to escape and silva changes to trianlge armbar wow great fight . i got to say i grained lots of respect for sonnen damn good fight .

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    phyuk!!! who won wit roy nelson and jr santos

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    dos santos won that one.

    the silva fight was fucking nuts man.

    Quote Originally Posted by G.Romero
    phyuk!!! who won wit roy nelson and jr santos

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