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Thread: Worldwide Choppers Video!

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    Worldwide Choppers Video!

    So I'm guessing, based on the fact we are now 3 EP's past All 6's and 7's, that we aren't getting this video that we were told was in the works, kind of bummed out, I was really looking forward to seeing this when Tech announced that it was going to happen, any opinions on this?

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    I think the only song that didn't have mainstream exposure that got the number of views on you-tube as WWC was Tyler the Creators "Rella"
    And I think the reason Tyler has so many damn views was because the vid was crazy. I think just on the song alone it wouldn't have held a torch to WWC. So yea I'm a little dissapointed that there wasn't a vid. I think it probably could've had even higher numbers if it did.

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