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Thread: Should Tech n9ne collaborate with Lil Wayne??

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    Should Tech n9ne collaborate with Lil Wayne??

    lil wayne said when he gets out the first person he wants to work with is tecca nina!! do you think tech should concidering lil wayne is the industries biggest sell out & basically sucks??

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    yeah but they have two diff sounds mainstream and underground idk mybe itll be a good colloabo anythin with tech n9ne is

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    yeah im not sayin it wouldnt be coo im sayn it could go hard or itll go south; we'll see & idk if tech n9ne should go mainstream & yeah i noe what you mean!!

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    Yes he should...I mean to be honest...we all know Tech will murder the track...need I say more?

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    Yes ur right man of course hell murder it. Hes gun make lil wayne look like a fool next to techs verse he is sooo fuckin lyrical ;D

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    This is like the 1 millionth thread on this topic since tuesday

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    THIS....MOTHERFUCKIN' THIS.....JUST STOP....theres another thread with over 200 replies, just use that fuckin one. Just cause u want to be a goddamn attention whore and make ur own thread about this topic just take a minute, find a gun, and do the world a bit of good and rid us of one less stupid person who is so incompetent and illiterate that they cant see the STICKIED topic on the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan
    This is like the 1 millionth thread on this topic since tuesday

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    I hope Tech murders the track and every one of these people stuck on Lil Wayne see what a true artist is.

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    Wasn't Andre 3000 the first person he said he wanted to work with?

    But yeah, fuck this thread. But I don't think you should be blowing your brains out as Insane1 said. Obviously he's the insane one here. Har har har.

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    If you dont like this thread then sot fuckin repky to it it insane 11

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