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Thread: Krizz anb Kutt at the new tour

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    Krizz anb Kutt at the new tour

    i know they will be there but does any one know if they will have there own sets before tech hbits or during cuz honestly i liked it the wau they did it at strange days

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    Most likely, I hope so.

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    same man they killed alone

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    Most likely, I hope so.

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    SInce they're on the above banner, they mos likely will have their own sets. I'm excited cause Kali will be doin tracks off Shock Treatment mos likely.

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    I'm goin to the Cleveland show OCT 20th and it's a small club, wonder how it's gonna work out. That would be dope as hell if they all did their own sets. I still hope Tech, Krizz, and Kutt do their thing together like the KOD tour though.

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    I think they will. I asked Kaliko is he was going to have his own set on the next Tech Tour or go on a solo tour to promote "Shock Treatment" His response, was "BOTH"

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