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Thread: i havent gotten a vip package before but i have 2 questions before i do

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    i havent gotten a vip package before but i have 2 questions before i do

    is there a limit to what they sign? like x- amount of autos per person and do they personalize stuff? i want scoob to write, "what ya drinkin bruh?"

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    They will tell you there's a limit but no one actually is enforcing it and you just gotta ask Scoob I'm sure he'll do it

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    Senior Member GreatScott's Avatar
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    At the in store signing last week They could only sign 3 things per person. But Its prolly different at vip. You dont wanna bring too much. Cause that ink smears. Just be careful. Lol

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    They'll sign it to you if you want. They'll sign it to whoever but they usually just sign their name at the meet and greets.

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    Senior Member GreatScott's Avatar
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    Yeah cause I had 3 things at the meet and greet. That was the limit. Im sure if I had more they wouldve signed it all

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    I went to my first meet n greet this past tour and I wasn't told anything about a limit. I got my shirt, jordans, and one design signed, along with tons of pictures.

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    dude in orlando brought in a backpack and shit...after it was searched through of course, but he got a shirt, a microphone, a vinal record and his posters signed. and scoob would prolly write whatever the fuck you want him to write.

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    its not a just depends on how many people are there....but bring what u wanna bring and they will sign it.

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    GJ is small so it wont be more then 10-15 people for v.i.p.

    and cool ill bring some stuff to sign and see if i can get them to personalize it to say some cool stuff. be cool to have tech sign a poster "ricky-gj's #1 motha fuckin riotmaker yaddimean!" hahaha

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    Ya they usually just sign whatever you ask them too. The strange days tour I took Prozac to the store to get beer for Brotha Lynch lol. Then when the meet and greet started he signed my shirt and when I got home I read it and it said " Thanks for the ride " lol It was pretty dope.

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