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Thread: Jamaican cop killing unarmed suspect caught on tape!!!

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    Jamaican cop killing unarmed suspect caught on tape!!!

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    i 4got about this thread

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    I think he was just throwing rocks. He was throwing shit throughout the video. Granted, the man was a SUSPECTED murderer, but that's wrong. He's laying on the ground, being beaten with police batons, then he gets shot by a man standing above him. Rasclaats.

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    Fucked up. I thought they were screaming cuz he got shot, not cheering.

    But i like How the Media in other countries aren't afraid to report what really goes on. Over here in the US they do that whole dramatic "We must warn you, the video is VERY disturbing, graphic and shocking. We advise that if you have small children.....Blah Blah" And all they do is show someone get punched in the face.

    In Mexico, they show dead bodies and shit. I remember a story of a man commuting suicide in a public park, by hanging himself on a tree. In the news they showed him dangling from the rope.

    When 9 Soldiers got Decapitated by NARCS, they showed the heads on a table. They were just Blurred out.

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