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Thread: What's it take to book Tech and the strange crew for a show?

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    What's it take to book Tech and the strange crew for a show?

    ok, before anybody harps on me and shit for not using the search bar or any shit like that, im just asking for a simple answer. I'm not trying to book him for a personal show or any shit like that. quick story, i'm going to IU starting later this month and every year they have people that roll through and play shows. the only way to get the show is to have it done through our Student Union but that's besides the point. A couple years ago Lupe came through and played a show, and last year Snoop played a show sponsored by one of the frats down in Bloomington. Any way I wondered if the right amount of money was payed to Strange if they'd consider doing a show at a college like IU, and if anybody thought it'd be a good idea?

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    A lotta colllege kids seem to love tech and everybody.

    Your best bet is to call the strange headquarters sometime next week.

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    I thought it was 30k? My girl said she wants to book him for our wedding lmao

    Quote Originally Posted by joe

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    My ex-girlfriend tried to do this for her school here in NY, but you have to vote on who performs. I guess Tech doesn't have a big enough following here on the east coast. If you think your school would want him, shoot an e-mail to, they'll give you all the info you need.

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