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Thread: Strange Only Collabo

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    Strange Only Collabo

    Cognito wasn't on the Gates Mixed Plate, Brotha Lynch was only on a bonus track and Big Scoob was only in one song. All 3 of those member are better artists than the majority of the rappers featured on the GMP. Is it just me or does Strange need to do a Strange Music only collabo with only the artists signed to strange?
    They could always feature a couple close affiliates, but the majority of the CD would be Strange signees.

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    I understand why Lynch isn't on it. It's all party music, and that's not really Lynch's deal. But I have no idea why Cog wasn't on anything. I know he recorded stuff for the album, but I guess Tech decided not to use any of it. No idea about why Scoob wasn't on more.

    And yeah, that would be cool if they did a Strange Music only album.

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    ya i get the lynch also they just needed more strange artists on it i thought

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    Well I think it's good that they don't all work together all the time. They need to create their own buzz as well. I thought all the features and TGMP were pretty good. The only one that I thought was terriable on the album was Sundae. I like hearing Tech work with lots of different artists. That really helps spread his music. We don't need another No Limit Records.

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    Prolly because the beats didnt say their names?

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    an ALL strange collabo cd would honsetly make me shit my pants
    great idea thats for sure

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    it needs to happen techs done 3 collabos 1 all strange would be nothing close to what happened at no limit

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    where the fuck is the duce click cd skatterman talked about doing ie S&S,Kutt,BG Bulletwound and there was I think 2 other rappers he said would be on the cd along with features from Tech,Kaliko etc..

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    I think if you ordered the VIP, that was included. Technically it's not free. But with all of the other shit that came with it, you'd end up paying pennies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juz2Wckd
    Agree 100% an all strange collabo would be dope as hell. The strange days tour cd kinda counts. But you can tell its just the leftover tracks from watever album each artist was working on at the time. And techs all on the intros talking bout "this is just some FREE material for u". I SEEM 2 REMEMBER PAYING 10 BUKZ FOR IT! haha but ya strange collabo would be fresh

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    Strange only collabo would be dope. I think Cognito should of been on GMP though.

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