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Thread: Strange Noize Tour Last Night

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    Strange Noize Tour Last Night

    the Strange Noize tour rolled through reno last nigh the shit was off the fucking hook but there was only like 50 plus heads there what the fucking fuck... where were all you motherfuckers at i know theres a lot of people holdin down the 775 and the 530 on this website... so where were yall at everyone was at the strange days tour that shit sold out. so wtf?

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    Tour is in the 530 tonight and hitting the 91sick tomorrow

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    was at the first show in 801 (SLC) and there wasnt even that many people there either, in fact they changed the venue to a smaller place cause they didnt sell enough tickets.

    i still really enjoyed the show though

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    this seemed like the norm at most of the shows on this tour. (hed) pe should still be a big draw, even if the rest of the lineup is just OK. i chalk it up to inadequate promotion on the part of the local promoters/venue. the age lomit at some of the shows could've also hampered attendance.

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