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Thread: Strange Music Store, needs a Face-Lift.

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    Strange Music Store, needs a Face-Lift.

    I got a few things from the Strange Store and i must say, the site could use some improvements. The pictures on the site, don't do the shirts justice. The images could be a bit bigger, to show more detail. I got a Big Scoob T-shirt and found that it was much brighter in the colors and loved the details i couldn't really see in the pic on the store.Also, they need to break down the merch by Artist. While i was looking at the Scoob T-shirts I missed 1 i really liked because it was further down the page. There are 3 Scoob Shirts together, then like 5 shirts down, there is another one. I might have ordered the shirt, if i would have seen it.Those are the things i consider major improvements.If you haven't seen these Already, check them out. They are the SubNoize and Psychopathic stores, just to get an idea of what i am talking about. (I don't care if you think they suck) (Category after Category, easy navigation)Notice how they got a promo vid of the newest CD in the store front. Strange could do the same for pre orders. They do the commercials for Youtube, they can just integrate them on to the site

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    Strange alreadys does their own thing for pre-orders. I would agree that some of the pics could be bigger and the shirts could be a little more organized but for the most part they still sell pretty legit stuff.

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    Psychopathic and Sub Noize also usually take down pictures of items when they're sold out but not the Strange store sometimes. I always order shit though from all 3 stores but Strange can improve in some areas.

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    They definitely need to update that site. It's been the same for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. It just looks old and bootleg.

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    Yes, it definitely needs an upgrade. Visually for sure, artist sub-categories would be nice, and I guess the servers or whatever because when there are sales or a pre-order going on, the site is slow as shit from traffic

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    I feel like out of the top 3 indie labels, Strange has the best lineup and has put out the best quality music in the last 2 years. They need to step their game up when it comes to their online store. If they can't compete with PSY and Subnoize when it comes to the amount of Merch they have, they can at least be top dog when it comes having the better looking web store.

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    maybe take it up with them? But at the end of the day giving the website a facelift isnt really going to get them more sales.. FANS will still buy. i think they could spend money in better areas.

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