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    WOW that show was so awesome last night!!!

    did anyone else go?

    johnny richter killed it


    and dont even get me started on how Hed PE commited genocide!!!

    kutt did some free on one of the hed PE songs that was DOPE DOPE DOPE!!! he was all rappin about SLC and the bitches in the house, i dunno you had to be there but that shit was awesome

    hed pe did there own versions of bob marleys no women no cry, one love, everything is going to be alright. and it was pretty damn good

    when kutty played naked some fat bitch in the crowd took her whole shirt off and bra and that shit was nasty! bitch had mole on her nipples, lol and her BF was trying to get guys to dance with her and NOBODY WAS he was like "dis my women go ahead and get up on her" and he was the only one besides another fat girl that "got up on her" lol

    they changed the venue, aztec highway said its cause they didnt sell enough tickets for the original place they were going to play, which sucked cause it was at the avalon which is FULL of benches, the only place to mosh was on the sides, then if you were standing by the benches and a mosh got going your shins kept hittin the benches.

    the mosh's were pretty good, especially during the last song renegade!

    oh they were singing happy B day to big B after the show in the back also

    that was the first time ive ever seen just KUTT for a set which was awesome

    but anyway

    definatly a GREAT show!!!

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    nobody? lol

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    I missed the show because no money this time
    Damn, I was really wanting to go too..
    Sounds like he killed it though.

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